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How we work.

We have flexible engagement formats

  • A focused model, allowing us to provide multiple engagement options.

  • Retain us for a specific Project, pay us in Advisory Sweat Equity or let’s partner together in a Revenue Share model for growth.

  • The choice is yours.

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Partnership Models

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Traditional Consulting – Focused Projects

  • This model is best suited for a large well funded corporations.
  • Fixed fee for an agreed deliverable driven by a Subject Matter Expert.
  • Answerable to the Board and C-Suite.

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Advisor’s Equity Share

  • Best suited for early stage startups with a potential to disrupt an industry value chain.
  • Capital preservation, No Cost on the P&L, Exit multiples intact.
  • Once we believe in your capability to implement, our Experts will advise on product, pricing, partner negotiation, regulatory compliance, corporate governance.

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Revenue Share – Long Term Partnerships.

  • We would love to work with you to open up new markets, new industries, new territories.
  • We grow revenues and share in the pie.
  • We make money when you make money.

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